The Company

Who we are and why we do what we do.

Why engineering should evolve

We want to revolutionize creation.

The engineering design process takes too long and costs too much. Engineering companies lose billions of dollars in lengthy product development programs. It takes a decade or more to start building the first prototype. Even worse, customers miss deadlines and opportunities because their partners can't keep their promises. People can't get what they need when they need it.

Our mission is to change that.

How the company started

Abstract Assembly was founded by Richard "Ricky" Tan in August 2017. He and his brother, Stephen Tan, had engrossed themselves with machine learning when they built a self-driving RC car that summer. Ricky was a space guy. His dream was to build infrastructure for a booming space economy with the help of deep learning. Thus, Abstract Assembly began as his winning entry for the SpaceVision 2017 BPC, an undergraduate competition for space business ideas. Now, the team faces the road ahead to establish Abstract Assembly with official startup status. And so the journey begins...

How we're changing the world

We want to change the way things are made.

Abstract Assembly is a startup that makes next-gen deep learning agents that learn how to put parts together into complex systems like satellites and computers. They can figure out how to connect components as naturally as we visualize how a plug fits a socket. Our vision is to achieve general intelligence for engineering.

Our team wants to change engineering. Let's invent the future together.