AI 3D Sat Builder: alpha v1.0.0

Intuitive Interfaces

Our Web Application has no-tutorial-needed interfaces based on SysML, the modeling language of systems engineers

Select Constraints & Subsystems

SysML Input GUI

Generate PDR-Ready Designs

SysML Input GUI

Complete 3D Models

Combine both custom and commercially available parts into thousands of ready-to-download 3D models

Realtime Comparisons

Each design can be compared to others using metrics you set, which are instantly updated whenever you change them

Conduct Full Systems-Level Analysis

SysML Input GUI

Additional Features

Seamless Software Integration

We can make our AI work with the tools and software you already use so that your experience is tailor-fitted to your workflow.

Database Services for Parts & Products

We can securely store and maintain parts & products in personal databases to protect IP for both you and your customers.

Trade Studies & Plots

Generate exportable trade studies, plots, and comparisons at both the system and component level to deliver the best design to your customer.

Parts & Suppliers Lists

Every design comes with a suppliers contact list for its parts so you can connect with suppliers and start building as fast as possible

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