Artificial Intelligence
that learns how to connect parts
into systems

The engineering design process takes too long and costs too much.
We want to give you the power to change that.

  • Control Product Possibilities

    Know every combination of parts that make up your product with a single click

  • Reduce Design Time

    Shorten development from years to weeks - save billions of dollars and years of time

  • Start Building Faster

    Iterate through designs with parts and suppliers ready - enable agile engineering

Complete 3D Models

Combine both custom and commercially available parts into thousands of ready-to-download 3D models

Realtime Comparisons

Each design can be compared to others using metrics you set, which are instantly updated whenever you change them

Intuitive Interfaces

Our Web Application has no-tutorial-needed interfaces based on SysML, the modeling language of systems engineers

Supplier Contact Lists

Every design comes with a suppliers contact list for its parts so you can connect with suppliers and start building as fast as possible

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Technology Demonstration CubeSat Test Video

Our AI made its own version of the ArduSat, an Arduino-based cube satellite, given only its parts - no instructions. Check out the demo video!

SpaceVision 2017 Business Plan Competition

Victory in Cape Canaveral, Florida! Abstract Assembly demonstrated excellence with 1st place in the SpaceVision 2017 Business Plan Competition. Check out SpaceVision!

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